Student Lectures

ACVSMR’s goal is to support, empower, and inspire veterinary students who are interested in veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation. ACVSMR offers student webinars every other week alternating between canine and equine focused topics.

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January 14
Bringing the Canine Cadever to Life: Functional Anatomy and Common Musculoskeletal Injuries
Dr. Meghan Ramos

January 27
Rehabilitation strategies – how to create a program for any injury
Dr. Carrie Schlachter

February 8
FL Lameness Dx
Felix Duerr

February 23
Training the Equine Respiratory System
Dr. Laura Fitzharris

March 10
Nutrition in Sporting Dogs
Dr. Joe Wakshlag

Week of March 22
Topic TBD
Dr. Sarah Sampson

April 6
Functional and Clinical Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Thoracic Limb
Dr. Pedro Rivera

April 20
Equine Thermography in Rehabilitation
Dr. Solange Mikail

May 4
Hit the DEK running: sports medicine and rehabilitation therapies to manage canine osteoarthritis and return to performance
Dr. Jane Marie Manfredi

Week of May 17
MRI Basics for the Equine Athlete
Dr. Sarah Gold

June 2
Hydrotherapy, Not Just Swimming
Dr. Wendy Baltzer

June 15
From bench top to saddle side: equine sports medicine and rehabilitation strategies to ensure a lifetime of athletic success
Dr. Jane Marie Manfredi

June 28
Bionic pets! Orthotics (braces) and prosthetics for our canine and feline patients
Dr. Juliette Hart

Week of July 12
Becoming an FEI veterinarian
Dr. Chris Elliott

Week of July 26
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in the Performance Canine
Dr. Britt Carr Benson

August 12
Basics of Equine Rehab
Dr. Steve Adair

Week of August 23
Topic TBD
Presenter TBD

Week of September 6
Gait analysis in horse: history, development, present and future
Dr. Antonio Cruz

Week of September 20
Photobiomodulation in Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Lindsay Elam

Week of October 4
Dx and Tx of Neck Issues in Performance Horses
Dr. Judith Koenig

Week of October 18
Dr. Kim Heneman

November 2
When the Hoof Meets the Ground
Dr. Hilary Clayton

Week of November 15
Wearable fitness devices – Can they help us monitor rehabilitation plans? Should we be ‘counting steps’? etc…
Dr. Carrie Schlachter

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April 27
Mobility Examination of Small Animals
Dr. Tara Edwards

April 29
Horse Lameness, From Stifle to Foot
Dr. Cooper Williams

May 21
Introduction to Canine Sports Medicine
Dr. Chris Zink

June 2
Introduction to Equine Back Problems
Dr. Philippe Benoit

June 29
Equine Ultrasound in Rehabilitation
Dr. Kate Chope

August 11
Neurologic Rehabilitation
Dr. Jan Huntingford

September 9
Regenerative Medicine in Canine Sports Med
Dr. Sarah Love

November 18
Equine Taping
Dr. Sybille Molle