Student Lectures

ACVSMR’s goal is to support, empower, and inspire veterinary students who are interested in veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation. ACVSMR offers student webinars every other week alternating between canine and equine focused topics.

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September 23
Treatment and Rehabilitation of Distal Limb Injuries in the Sport Horse
Dr. Rick Mitchell

October 8
Canine Shoulder and Elbow Conditions with Arthroscopic Findings: How Can Rehab Help?
Dr. Anke Langenback

October 19
The Biomechanics of the Equine Foot – How Foot Shape and Shoes Affect Injury and Rehabilitation
Dr. Kim Henneman

November 6
Pain Management within the Rehab Plan: A Focus on non-pharmaceutical modalities
Dr. Matt Brunke

November 18
Equine Taping
Dr. Sybille Molle

January 14
Functional anatomy and its application to common canine musculoskeletal injuries and issues
Dr. Meghan Ramos

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April 27
Mobility Examination of Small Animals
Dr. Tara Edwards

April 29
Horse Lameness, From Stifle to Foot
Dr. Cooper Williams

May 21
Introduction to Canine Sports Medicine
Dr. Chris Zink

June 2
Introduction to Equine Back Problems
Dr. Philippe Benoit

June 17
Canine Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy and its use in Rehabilitation
Dr. Pedro Rivera

June 29
Equine Ultrasound in Rehabilitation
Dr. Kate Chope

July 14
Foundational Fitness for Working/Sporting Dogs
Dr. Brian Farr

July 27
Recognizing Sacroiliac Disease During Lameness Exam
Dr. Rob Van Wessum

August 11
Neurologic Rehabilitation
Jan Huntingford

August 24
Sports Medicine as an Equestrian Team Veterinarian
Dr. Andy Bathe

September 9
Regenerative Medicine in Canine Sports Med
Dr. Sarah Love