Pre-approval of Residency Program

Pre-approval of an ACVSMR residency program can be sought for any traditional residency training program, if desired. This allows programs to ensure their training program has been approved by ACVSMR prior to advertising a residency training program and/or soliciting applications. Interested resident applicants would apply directly to the pre-approved program, rather than to ACVSMR. The selected applicant would then register with ACVSMR at the start of their residency. If a program does not have pre-approval, it does not preclude the possibility of training a resident, but would require the desired resident candidate to apply for a residency through ACVSMR as detailed in the ‘Becoming a Resident’ webpage.

A residency administrator is required for training programs that apply for pre-approval of a residency training program. The residency administrator is responsible for submitting the application for pre-approval of the training program and, is the primary contact between the College and pre-approved residency training program. The residency administrator can liaise between the College and all of the residents enrolled in a particular pre-approved residency training program.

Whether new or pre-established, any ACVSMR residency training program seeking pre-approval of their program must apply to the Credentialing and Residency Committee for pre-approval. The deadline to submit the Traditional Residency Training Program Pre-Approval Application is September 1st of the year preceding the start of residency training. An application must be submitted every year prior to accepting a new resident(s) into the resident training program. Programs are not automatically renewed. The Credentialing and Residency Committee will notify the program of the status of acceptance by October 1st.

If a program is approved, applicants will apply directly to that program, per the guidelines and deadlines established by the program. However, application criteria must, at minimum, meet the ACVSMR residency requirements which include:

  • A CV
  • A copy of the veterinary diploma
  • The applicant must:
    • Be a graduate of a college of veterinary medicine accredited or approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), or hold a certificate from the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG), or be licensed to practice in some State or Province of the United States, Canada, or other country.
    • Complete a one-year rotating internship or equivalent practice experience.
    • Be legally able to practice at the residency facility (e.g., veterinary medical license and other state or federal requirements) and have a veterinary license in good standing with no past record of license revocation.
    • Review the residency requirements and verify the ability to comply with these requirements.
  • Once an applicant has been accepted by the residency program, the resident must register with the Credentials and Residency Committee by August 1st, immediately following the start of the residency.

Please refer to the current Residency Program Guidelines for further information.

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